AmpliFi WiFi 1.11.2

Home Wi-Fi of the Future.

A Simple, Powerful App. Simple Setup, Powerful Features, Perfected User Experience.
Setup in Seconds. With easy setup and configuration, your network is up and running in no time.

Automatic Updates.
Future features and performance updates will be coming soon.

Always Know Who Is Using Your network.
The app keeps track of which devices are connected, and for how long.

Track ISP and System Performance.
Get throughput readings and test your ISP speed at any time.

Guest Access, Simplified.
AmpliFi guest access uses an “open time window” to allow instant guest on-boarding without sharing your password. No security compromise or inconvenience.

Thanks for choosing AmpliFi!
We're constantly striving to enhance our product and we've incorporated the following changes:
– Ability to Teleport clients between AmpliFi routers
– Ubiquiti sign-in as an alternative to Google and Facebook
– Better client device recognition in Family section
– Minor bug fixes
– A hotfix for Android 5 & 6 devices
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