BlaBlaCar, Trusted Carpooling 5.26.1

Welcome to the future of travel. You’re a few taps away from a ride at your doorstep. Or, if you’d rather drive, the least expensive journey you’ve ever made.

Forget dragging your luggage to the bus stop. Forget transfers. Forget about breaking the bank for a weekend away.

With us, you just connect with someone nearby who’s going your way. Someone who wants to share the ride. So you can both save your time and money for what’s important.

On top of your own car insurance, benefit from additional insurance cover, free of charge, in partnership with AXA.

Driving somewhere?
Share. Drive. Save.
• Publish your ride in seconds
• Decide who goes with you
• Enjoy the least expensive ride you’ve ever made

Want to go somewhere?
Book. Meet. Go.
• Search for a ride going anywhere you want to go
• Find the ride closest to you, maybe one leaving from just around the corner.
• Book a seat instantly or request a seat
• Get closer to where you want to go.
Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Contacting a driver before booking can clarify pretty much anything.

“Is there room in the boot for a suitcase?”
“Can I bring my dog along?”
“Would you mind picking me up somewhere else?”

We therefore understand for frustrations when you found a ride but there’s wasn’t the possibility to contact the driver.Thanks to your feedback, that’s changed with this release! You can now message every driver before booking a seat.
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