byte – creativity first 1.1.8 beta

dear friends,

we're bringing back 6-second looping videos and the community that loved them.

you know the drill: upload from your camera roll or use the byte camera to capture stuff. stay under the time limit and get lost in the loop. explore what's loved by the community, handpicked by our human editors, or just served up at random. there are lots of ways to discover surprising new personalities, voices, and moments.

byte celebrates life, community, and pure creativity.

nostalgia is our starting point, but where we go next is up to you. to add your perspective, join our forum ( or leave a review and let us know what you'd like to see. everyone says it, but we really mean it: we read *everything*.

thanks for reading and being here. we're excited to create with you.

with love,
*byte team

hello there! here’s what we’ve got today:

– new: text overlays! you can adjust the timing of each one individually—let us know what you think!
– new: you can now share videos edited in other apps directly to byte


*byte team

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