Envision AI 1.1.0

? 2019 Google Play Awards WINNER! – Best Accessibility Experience

See what you can’t with Envision, the fastest and most reliable app that describes the visual world around you with the help of artificial intelligence and OCR. Envision is carefully designed with the help of the visually impaired community, to bring the best assistive app to the blind and low vision. Read text in over 60 languages, use the magnifier, scan barcodes or your environment and so much more.

With full TalkBack support, Envision helps you:

• Read Instantly – Read text instantly in over 60 different languages. Available fully offline for latin-based languages like English.

• Read documents – Scan documents with one or multiple pages at once, with the help of Envision in framing the document.

• Read Handwriting – Read handwritten postcards, letters, lists or any neat handwriting.

• Describe Scenes – Describes any scene around you with accuracy.

• Scan Barcodes – Scan barcodes easily and get more information about products.

• Teach Envision – Train Envision to recognise your friends and family when describing scenes.

• Envision everything – Share with Envision any file you want to access! Simply, select the file or photo from your phone archive or while on another app, tap share and select “Envision”, to access anything, anytime.

We are constantly working on improving our services and introducing more features. If you have any questions, feedback or feature request, please email us at [email protected] or write to us from within the app.

Happy Envisioning!

With this update, we’re launching a new feature to detect colours. You can find this in the General Tab of the Envision app. Simply tap on that button and point your phone around and Envision will detect colours in your surroundings. You can also choose from a simple set of colours or a more descriptive set from within the Help Tab. Please let us know your feedback at [email protected]
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