Flurry Analytics 3.6.0


With the Flurry app, you can access all your apps’ usage metrics and set alerts to be notified about changes in the app’s performance.

On the go features that keep you informed of the apps’ performance:

Alerts: Create custom alerts that push notification to your phone when app metrics change up or down by a designated amount.

Real Time Metrics: Track user sessions and active devices in real time.

Summary Metrics: Track active users, new users, sessions, time spent for all your apps.

Graphs: Deep-dive into app usage metrics with custom dates, timeframes and time granularity. Filter data by geo, language, age, gender and many other dimensions.

Event Metrics: see all the apps’ custom events, filter them by geo, language, age, gender and many other dimensions.

Crash Metrics: see the historical chart of the apps’ crashes.

Sharing: Share app usage graphs by text, email, and other messaging platforms so you can keep your team on the same page, whether they’re viewing information on desktop or mobile.

Updated with breakouts and new chart types. You can breakout a chart by multiple dimensions. Click on the chart detail icon to view tabular data by breakout. Chart types include bar, column and area charts.

(And behind the scenes we added a new Flurry SDK into Flurry because we wanted more Flurry in our Flurry!)
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