Guidebook 7.12.1


Guidebook is your guide to events, conferences, campuses, and more. Download the app to:

[+] Build your personal schedule and to-do lists.
[+] Easily access speaker, sponsor, exhibitor information, and more.
[+] View maps of the venue and local area.
[+] Simply search for information within the app.
[+] Connect and engage with other attendees through private messages.
[+] Share photos, likes, and comments on the interactive social feed.

Want to build your own app? Visit to start building your first mobile app today.

Here's what's new in Guidebook 7.12.1:

– We've revamped the backend to our 1:1 chat and made some UI improvements around it.
– Fixed an issue where session registrations sometimes wouldn't sync.
– Fixed a crash on Huawei devices running Android Lollipop.
– A handful of other small bug fixes.
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