Hatch Cloud Gaming 1.5.9

You already stream movies, shows and music. Now, play top games straight from
one awesome app. Hatch is the world’s only made-for-5G game streaming service for

Hatch is home to many of the best games on the planet, with new titles added regularly.
And since they’re free and ready to go with just a tap, you can play them all on the only
game streaming app you need: HATCH!

Download Hatch now and get instant access to Angry Birds, Monument Valley, Hitman
GO, Chameleon Run, Mini Metro, Beach Buggy Racing, Bad
Piggies, Threes, Dots, The Phantom PI, Leo’s Fortune, Island Delta,
Evoland, Crashlands, The Silent Age and waaaaay more!

Super fast. All you need to play Hatch is a smartphone and a strong wi-fi or 5G
connection. The faster the network, the more awesome your gaming experience will be.
Mobile data charges may apply – check with your carrier.

? Here’s why you’re going to love playing on Hatch ?

Game on, wait over. Play top titles from the best developers instantly – choose any game
and just tap to play. No phone-cluttering downloads, updates or hassle.

Play to win. Up for a little friendly competition? Join casual eSports tournaments to face
off against friends and score great prizes.

Score extra space on your phone. Games are streamed straight from the cloud instead
of hogging your phone.

What the press are saying so far:

“You play games just as if they were housed on your device, but over the internet instead.
… Latency is very low, so you shouldn’t notice that the games are stored in the cloud.” –
Pocket Lint

“Sadly Europe-only … for now” – Ausdroid

Here’s what Hatch players have to say:

“Simply awesome!”

“The app is great. I can play games without installing them and compete with my friends. I
recommend it!”

“Is this even legal?”

“It’s cooooooooooool”

“Love this! Best app EVER.”

“Great idea and great execution! I absolutely love it. I can see myself playing this for

“This is one of my fave apps, I dunno’ how it’s not already a few million downloads. It
works flawlessly. You just need great internet.”

We’d love to hear what you think about Hatch! Ping us on social media (handles below!) or
send a note to [email protected]

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