HiHello – Digital Business Cards and Card Scanner 1.16.4

Create and share digital business cards for free. Quickly and easily scan paper business cards to convert them into accurate virtual contacts with human verification.

★★★ Featured in The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Slate, and Axios ★★★

HiHello digital business cards are designed to help you curate and grow your network, so you’re always ready to meet someone new. Instead of having to carry around paper business cards, you can have all your virtual contact information easily accessible and ready to share.

Instead of having all your information on just one card, you can have business cards for every hat you wear. One digital biz card for networking events or business meetings, one for your friends, and another card to give to people you meet at the dog park.

You have total control over your contact information. Who you share your information with and what details they can see is entirely up to you.

Take networking to the next level with HiHello. Easily create digital business cards, have up-to-date contact info, and share and exchange your biz cards. We’ll even remind you to follow up with the new people you meet and our human reviewers will review and digitize all the paper business cards you receive, all for free.

• HiHello allows you to easily create multiple digital business cards, suitable for sharing in different contexts. Have one for work, one for friends, even one for your dog!
• Customize your card completely. You can add your company logo, a headline, your address, email, phone numbers, social profiles, and more to your virtual cards.

• Securely share your card using a unique QR code right from your phone.
• Share your business card with anyone, even if they don’t have HiHello, by scanning the QR code with their phone’s camera.
• You can share biz cards using email, text or any messaging app.
• If you exchange business cards with someone who already has HiHello, their contact info will always stay up-to-date in your address book.
• Your business cards are always with you on your phone and you never run out of them.

• It’s easy to forget to follow up with new clients, leads, or friends. When you share your business card, HiHello emails both of you with a reminder to follow-up. This helps turn handshakes into real relationships.

• People leave jobs and change email addresses and phone numbers all the time. Never be without updated contact info again!
• Introducing Live Contacts: Exchange cards with another HiHello user for contact information that’s always up-to-date!

• Instead of having a wallet full of paper business cards, we’ll organize your contacts electronically for you.
• See a chronological view of all your contacts, so you’ll never forget when you met someone.

• Not everyone has gone digital yet and still carry around paper business cards, so we built a business card reader!
• You can easily scan paper business cards using our card scanner. Add notes, reminders, and more to the card so you don’t forget who you met.
• Real people review and digitize each paper card scan to make sure it is 100% correct before adding it to your HiHello address book. Finally, a business card reader that actually works!

• Use HiHello’s contact manager to keep track of all your contacts!
• Add your HiHello contacts to your phone’s address book so you can use them in all your favorite messaging apps.

• Your information is yours. Our Privacy Policy ensures that your information is safe and secure.

HiHello Digital Business Cards and Card Reader is made with love in Palo Alto, California. We welcome your feedback! Send us your comments from the Settings page of the HiHello app or email us at [email protected].

We hope you love your new digital business cards!

• Better onboarding experience.
• Bug fixes and improvements.
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