IRCCloud 4.20

• Stay connected when you're on the move. No need to rely on constant data access, we keep your IRC connection running on our servers.
• Your entire chat history is fully synced to the cloud so you can catch up at your leisure.
• Get push notifications for mentions and private messages.
• Upload and share files straight from your device.
• View and reply to highlights and private messages on Android Wear and Android Auto

Join our #feedback channel on for feedback and suggestions so we can improve the app. You can also email us on [email protected] or find us on Twitter @irccloud

• The loading spinner on the archives header should no longer appear unexpectedly when resuming the app
• Show join/parts channel setting now correctly overrides the global join/part setting
• Speed up backlog loading times for Slack connections
• Tapping an avatar will now display a larger version
• Improved detection of hyperlinks
• Removed unexpected formatting codes when copying join/part/quit lines
• Stability improvements and minor fixes
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