Jodel – Hyperlocal Community 5.69.1

Jodel instantly connects you with the people around you. It's a live social feed of your community's hottest news, questions, events, stories, and jokes. Never miss out on what's happening around you again!

On Jodel, you can:
– Have fun and laugh with your local community
– Discover in real-time what's happening in your city
– Post messages and photos to everyone around you
– Vote on posts and decide what your city talks about
– Connect with people around you who share your interests
– Collect Karma to spread good vibes
– Easily get and provide useful local information
– Confess your secret love affair with chicken nuggets (ooh baby!)

Jodel is the newest social media craze you’re missing out on.

(By the way… Jodel is pronounced “yodel”)
(And also, Jodel is not spelled “uodel”, “yodle” or “yoddle”)

What a time to be alive, it's time to update our Jodel apps!
This time around, it's a version that contains improvements to the age filters and better channel search.
Happy Jodeling!
Rain in Berlin again, but this time they gave it a name. Why Sabine though?
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