Lawnchair 2 2.0-2587-ci-alpha

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Changelog for build alpha-2587:
– Update Translations (by Duolingo Bird)
– Overwrite 3 More Strings from Launcher3 (by Lumiq Creative)
– Fix: Yet another workaround for icon mask crash (by Till Kottmann)
– Experimental: Allow placing the searchbar as a widget (by Till Kottmann)
– Fix: Sesame: Launch default assistant if Google App isn’t enabled (by Till Kottmann)
– Fix: LauncherIcons: Recreate wrapper icon when mask is invalidated (by Till Kottmann)
– Fix: We’re not always able to set quiet mode (by Till Kottmann)
– Fix: Don’t try to create layout with negative width (by Till Kottmann)
– Directly link to the new lawnfeed page (by Till Kottmann)
– Fix alignment of app drawer folders when multiline app names enabled (#1833) (by Su-Shing Chen)
– Make links reach proper destinations on README (#1835) (by compliment)
– Fix Daniel’s profile picture url (#1834) (by compliment)
– Add Dan to the about page (by Till Kottmann)
– Build play store builds on stable branch (by Till Kottmann)
– Build “stable” branch as release builds (by Till Kottmann)
– Update Translations (by Duolingo Bird)
– Update Lumiq’s Profile Picture in “About” Page (by Lumiq Creative)
– Correct Typo (by Lumiq Creative)
– Improve Terminology & Add New Strings (by Lumiq Creative)
– Revise copy for release (by Lumiq Creative)
– Add Links to “” (by Lumiq Creative)
– Update “” (by Lumiq Creative)
– Add “logo.png”—a Replacement for “banner.png” (by Lumiq Creative)
– Fix crash when opening the app drawer (by Till Kottmann)
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