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The Managed Home Screen app, for corporate-owned devices in organizations subscribed to Microsoft Intune, enables the Multi App Kiosk mode for specific, locked down use. This app should only be deployed by your organization. It helps your organization remotely configure and customize the home screen on the device(s) to deliver a highly productive single use experience. This app replaces the default home screen or launcher to restrict device activities and access based on remotely configurable settings.

• Centralized large-scale device deployment and lockdown
• Locked down kiosk mode with pre-approved apps
• Easily pin websites to home screen
• Customize home screen experience and layout
Important: This app is for organizational use only and works only with devices managed by organizations subscribed to Microsoft Intune. Individuals downloading this will not be able to manage, configure or use this app. If you work for an organization and are a user of this app and are facing issues or have questions about its use (including your company’s privacy policy), contact your IT administrator. Do not contact your network operator, the device manufacturer, or Microsoft for support.
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In this release we've made the debug menu (where the “Exit Kiosk” option lives) easier to access based on your feedback. By default the debug menu will only be accessible through the secret menu, but if you configure our new setting “enable_easy_access_debugmenu” (Boolean) in the Intune console, then the debug menu will be easily accessible via the Managed Settings app or the pull-down menu. In addition, we've also fixed a bug dealing with auto-rotation and added more accessibility fixes.
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