myCricket 2.7.8

If you are busy and want to access to your account from your phone, download the myCricket app today. Managing your wireless account is simple!

With just a few taps and swipes you can:
• Pay your bill.
• Check your data usage.
• Sign up for Auto Pay to never miss a payment.
• Add features like extra high-speed data, Cricket International, Mobile Hotspot and more
• Manage account information including line settings, email preferences, and security settings
• Easy login utilizing biometrics

We are back and better, Cricket Nation!

We’ve fine tuned the support section with new visual aids, added web enhancements on the Add a Line and Upgrade features for easier access to information, along with security improvements for a more reliable and trusted experience.

Just a few more reasons to smile. Log in to learn more and we’ll see you at the next update!
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