MyShake 3.0

The MyShake app — from the UC Berkeley Seismology Lab — is different from all the other earthquake apps. In addition to providing earthquake notifications, maps, and safety tips, your phone helps to detect earthquakes.

Get earthquake ready and help your community. Have earthquake information at your fingertips and help create a global earthquake detection system.

Quickly understand the impact of an earthquake. See damage and shaking reports submitted by other community members along with information from the US Geological Survey.

Stay informed. Get notifications about nearby earthquakes and track earthquakes around the globe.

Share your experience. Felt an earthquake? Share your experience with fellow users and MyShake scientists.

Help improve earthquake early warning. Your device becomes an earthquake sensor and joins a smartphone network collecting valuable data. *** Note: MyShake is not issuing earthquake early warning alerts at this time, but does plan to in the future. ***

– bug fixes
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