MyTeams by NBC Sports 5.10.3

Stream live games and get the most-comprehensive local coverage from your favorite MLB, NBA and NHL teams, and the latest NFL information, from NBC Sports Regional Networks.

Choose the teams that mean the most to you and access the information only local fans could know.

Live stream MLB, NBA and NHL games and view on-demand video highlights. Pre- and post-game coverage is also available.

– Bay Area – Giants, A’s, Warriors, Kings, Sharks
– Boston – Celtics
– Chicago – Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks
– Philadelphia – Phillies, Sixers, Flyers
– Portland – Trail Blazers
– Washington D.C. – Wizards, Capitals

Get in-depth, in-season and off-season sports news from the local announcers and beat reporters that cover your local teams in the My Teams App. Access podcasts from your teams’ most knowledgeable sources. Follow all the teams you can stream PLUS:

– Bay Area – 49ers, Raiders
– Boston – Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots
– Chicago – Bears
– Philadelphia – Eagles
– Washington D.C. – Nationals, Redskins

Sign in with your TV provider username and password to watch the live games and shows from the NBC Sports Regional Network in your area.

Fans, we have listened! The latest MyTeams update improves the streaming experience by fixing the extended commercial breaks to get you back to watching YOUR teams, YOUR way!
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