Pax Mobile 4.3.1

Customize and control your PAX experience like never before with the PAX Mobile App. Create tailor-made sessions just for you, and access temperature and flavor options not available through the device alone. Keep your device working at its best with regular firmware updates.

App features available for PAX 3 and PAX Era:
– Temperature control: Optimize for flavor by tuning your temperature to a single degree
– Customization: Name your device and select a color theme to make PAX yours. Adjust PAX 3 vibration strength or turn off completely
– Security: Lock your PAX when you want to prevent others from using it

The PAX 3 experience also comes with revolutionary new Dynamic Modes that help you control each session with precision and reliability. Choose between five options:
– Standard: Boosts temperature when you need it and cools down when you don’t (device default mode)
– Stealth: For ultimate discretion
– Boost: Keeps your device in high gear
– Flavor: Delivers the most delicious experience possible
– Efficiency: Uses every last drop

Download the PAX Mobile App now and instantly turbocharge your PAX experience.

A new layout for the mobile experience! We’ve added easy to find icons to a bottom navigation so you can quickly jump to where you want to go.

Session and Dose Control pause time has been reduced to 5 seconds.

Lots of exciting under the hood fixes to help things run smoothly.
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