Ridmik Keyboard 5.5.1

*New Version* 5.2.0

NB: Download without notification permission has been removed, so dictionary updates will come only with the app updates. Sync related permissions are also removed. This was a “work in progress”, so unless we find a better solution to this, there'll be no further work on sync.


1. Bangla phonetic keyboard (like your favorite Avro keyboard)
2. National & Probhat layout
3. Full set of emoji
4. Voice input
5. New themes
6. Next word suggestion
7. Improved suggestions
8. Emoji in suggestions

Permission Explanation
Record Audio: For voice input
Internet: For voice input
Contacts: To show suggestions from contact names. You can disable this in settings
Read/Write user dictionary: Get/save word suggestion from/into android's built-in user dictionary
Write external storage(SD Card): Save new learned words data to SD card and show suggestions from them.

– Custom clipboard
– Emoji: Vertical emoji, more emoji, emoji switch button, emoji screen height
– Updated suggestion word list
– Fixed cut/copy/paste
– Fixed auto bangla conversion of english words when pressing backspace
– Fixed % popup on w
– Added volume cursor on/off settings
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