– Communicate, your way. 0.8.23

A chat app, under your control and entirely flexible. Riot lets you communicate the way you want. Made for [matrix] – the standard for open, decentralised communication.

Get a free account, get your own server at, or use another Matrix server.

Why choose

• COMPLETE COMMUNICATION: Build rooms around your teams, your friends, your community – however you like! Chat, share files, add widgets and make voice and video calls – all free of charge.

• POWERFUL INTEGRATIONS: Use with the tools you know and love. With you can even chat with users and groups on other chat apps.

• PRIVATE AND SECURE: Keep your conversations secret. State of the art end-to-end encryption ensures that private communication stays private.

• OPEN, NOT CLOSED: Open source, and built on Matrix. Own your own data by hosting your own server, or selecting one you trust.

• EVERYWHERE YOU ARE: Stay in touch wherever you are with fully synchronised message history across all your devices and online at

New icon, new colors.
You can now back up your encryption keys to the server.
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