Samsung QuickStar

Customize your special Quickpanel.

– You can adjust color, transparency of Quickpanel.
– Make simple status bar.
– You can launch app with multiwindow popup style.

[Detail Description]
QuickStar is QuickPanel Star that SystemUI service app for early adopters.
QuickStar is a plugin application for customizing of SAMSUNG SystemUI Quicksettings components.
By using this, You can change layouts and settings of Google Basic Quickpanel which is blocked by Samsung and can handle new features of Notification that QuickStar provide.
We are trying to make fresh experience for users.

– Android O os 8.0 SAMSUNG devices.
– Android P os 9.0 SAMSUNG devices.
– Android Q os 10 SAMSUNG devices.

– Korean
– English
– Chinese

[Version Code]


[New function]
* New features added on Android 10+ devices
(Android 10 users are recommended to reinstall the existing QuickStar)
-One UI 2.0 support
-Dark mode support
-Improved color coordination between QuickPanel and Notification when specifying transparency
-Update the default theme list
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