Spoon: Live Stream, Voice Chat, New Music 4.3.35 (220)

Spoon is the next trend for live streaming: audio-only. With Spoon you can voice chat, listen to/perform live music, and share your talent (or feelings)!

Earn money from your fans when you go LIVE. There is always someone to listen and support you on Spoon. Plus, there are no ads and our platform is free to use!

Spoon connects you with an audience by broadcasting only audio. Share the REAL you! It’s easy to find amazing content and talent similar to podcasts or radio. Support your favorite DJs directly through digital gifts and chats when they live stream. Make money by being yourself.

– Go LIVE and broadcast music, chat, sing, and make new friends. The possibilities as a DJ are endless!
– Join a DJ’s stream with live messaging. Directly chat and support your favorite DJs with digital gifts — spoons.

– Forget expensive equipment — seamlessly record with your phone! Create recorded CASTs to share with fans and friends.
– Listen to thousands of original CASTS with topics for just about everything — like a podcast, but better.

– Start a message thread that’s audio-only! Get advice, create challenges, and be weird.
– Experience a whole new way to be creative — collab with new people.

– Discover trending LIVEs, fan new DJs, and explore popular topics.
– Be inspired and entertained by the next frontier of content creators!

– Goodbye DMs! Update your fans via notice board for chiller communication.
– Discover your voice type — fans can categorize you as friendly, cute, cool, and more!

– Enter a safe space. Spoon prides itself on being a supportive platform with users that genuinely connect with one another.
– Express yourself! Audio makes it easier to genuinely be yourself — escape the pressure of ‘image perfection.’

Spoon supports its creators. During a LIVE stream, DJs have the ability to use their voice, be themselves, and earn money, unlike any other platform. Spoon also makes content creation easy and more accessible through one-click streaming. Edit free and hassle-free, our platform helps creators get their content out faster and simpler. Spoon helps creators communicate on their terms with their public profile notice board. By keeping direct messaging out of our platform, creators can openly communicate with their fans and determine how they connect.

Spoon always considers its listeners. We purposefully do not run ads on our platform to keep the experience undisturbed. On Spoon, it’s easier to get noticed and to communicate with your favorite DJs through LIVE chats and TOP FANS. Directly support DJs with spoon purchases and send them digital gifts. Spoon is always free to use, making it an awesome platform for listeners to discover new ways to be entertained.

Join an audio revolution and break free from social pressures. Spoon was created to provide relief from the pressures social media brings of chasing ‘image perfection.’ Get noticed for your talent, ideas, and feelings. Audio-only creates unlimited possibilities for self-expression and makes it easier to connect in a digital era. Users on Spoon form real connections because it’s audio-only — all it takes is your voice.

[Required access rights]
– none
[Optional access rights]
Microphone: Permission to use LIVE and Voice content
Storage space: Permission to save LIVE and Voice content
Phone: Permission to use the LIVE Call during broadcasting
Address Book: To prevent abuse of free spoons

** Updates **
DJ/Managers can now save scripts/frequently used phrases to use during a LIVE
Fixed problems on broadcast quality, especially on LIVE
We fixed bugs and applied improvements for better user experience.
Send your comments and suggestions to Customer Support. We would love to hear from you!
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