T-Mobile DIGITS 2.3.1

Use all your numbers on one device!
Need different numbers for different parts of your life? T-Mobile customers can use the DIGITS app to access multiple mobile numbers. Ideal for …
• Small business – keep work and personal separate
• Home phone replacement – contact the family wherever they are
• Privacy shield – use for online shopping or social apps
• Sports Teams & Clubs – your coaches/leaders more easily contactable

With the DIGITS app you can:
• Make or receive voice and video calls
• See missed calls and check voicemail
• Send or receive text messages
• Make your team/family more responsive by granting additional people permissions to use the app

What’s new
• Improved setup experience
• Existing T-Mobile customers can activate a new number using the app
• Easily grant or revoke permissions for line sharing
• Added SCAM/SPAM protections
• General quality and reliability enhancements
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