Yandex.Market 6.6.0

Yandex.Market is your mobile consultant for products and prices. In the Yandex.Market catalog you will find the widest selection of products ranging from kitchen utensils and children's toys to auto parts and air conditioners.

Select important filters and the app itself will choose an appropriate product. For example, you can specify the screen size of a television or the maximum weight load of a washing machine. You can browse shoes, clothes and accessories for both children and adults, after choosing the size, material, style and other parameters.

In addition you can see detailed specs of products, read customer reviews, compare prices and choose the cheapest deals on Yandex.Market.

You can start using Yandex.Market on one device and continue from the same point on another. Items from your wishlist are stored on all your devices after signing in.

With Yandex.Market you can:
– search products by manufacturer, price and more;
– filter suggestions by price;
– find a product by name, or by scanning a barcode or QR-code;
– find out the characteristics of a product, read reviews by actual customers and leave your own;
– start your search on a computer and then continue on a smartphone;
– contact the store directly from the app or go to the website for online ordering;
– see store locations on a map.

Вкладка со скидками!
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